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Sommersemester 2017

Dienstag jeweils 14–16h c.t. im Seminarraum 01.683

  • 25.04.2017 
    Klaus Mecke
    Are gauge symmetries Schubert translations in spacetime and interactions a complete flag variety?
  • 02.05.2017 
    Matthieu Marechal
    Particles on curved surfaces: classical density functional theory
  • 09.05.2017 
    Simon Weis
    Shape, Friction and Cohesion in granular packings
  • 16.05.2017 
    Thomas Schindler
    Nonequilibrium steady states and criticality in driven granulates
  • 23.05.2017 
    Felix Schmidt (Bachelor)
    Mermin-Wagner-Fluktuationen mit langreichweitigen Wechselwirkungen
  • 30.05.2017 
    Johannes Hielscher
    Dynamics of phasons and dislocations in 2D quasicrystals
  • 06.06.2017 
  • 13.06.2017 
    Benedikt Decker
    Phase field crystal models of quasicrystals
  • 20.06.2017 
    Kai Schmidt
    Edge states in the Haldane model
  • 27.06.2017 
    Saufest Vorbereitung
  • 11.07.2017 
    Sebastian Ruß
    Investigation of 2D Thermal Jamming in Terms of the Directed Percolation Transition (Bachelorarbeit)
  • 11.07.2017 
    EAM Simulations Workshop
  • 25.07.2017 
    Klaus Mecke
    Finite Projective Geometry as a Quantum World with Elementary Particles
  • 26.07.2017 (Wednesday) 
    Steffen Winter (KIT, Karlsruhe)
    Geometric functionals of fractal percolation
  • 27.07.2017 (Thursday) 16:00 
    Philipp Schönhöfer (Perth/Erlagen)
    Mixing Pears and oranges: Entropic self-assembly of bicontinuous and micellar phases
  • 05.09.2017 
    Katharina Lenk
    Charakterisierung von Schraubendislokationen in Quasikristallen
  • 26.09.2017 11:00 
    Partick Adelhardt
    Quantum phase transition on the dimerized spin-one chain (Bachelorarbeit)
  • 26.09.2017 11:45 
    Paul Wunderlich
    Spektrale Dichten ungeordneter Quantenspinleiter mittels Molekularfeldtheorie (Bachelorarbeit)
  • 26.09.2017 
    Ardin Ibrahimi
    Quantenzustände in Quasikristallen (Bachelorarbeit)
  • 26.09.2017 15:00 
    Dominik Geyer
    Phase field crystal models for biological systems (Bachelorarbeit)
  • 28.09.2017 (Thursday) 15:00 
    Max Hörmann
    Dynamical correlations of disordered one-dimensional quantum antiferromagnets (Masterarbeit)