Winter Term 2015/16:

Biological Physics:
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(Username: biophys; password as given in lecture)

Summer Term 2016:

Integrated Course 3:
Quantum field theory, nuclear, and particle physics

Seminar on Physics:
Theory of quasicrystals
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Prof. Dr. Michael Schmiedeberg

Teaching Winter Term 2015/16:

Lecture and excercises on Biological Physics:

  • Lecture (2h): Fri 12:15 - 14:00, HE
  • Excercises (3h): Mon 11:15 - 14:00, SR 01.683


  • Written exam (90 min): 8.2.2016, 10:15 in HF


Basic knowledge of theoretical physics, especially of statistical physics


  • Normal and anomalous diffusion, random walks and Lévy flights
  • Swimming at low Reynolds numbers
  • Equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical physics for biological systems
  • Nerve impulses and reaction-diffusion systems

Recommended literature:

Philip Nelson, Biological Physics: Energy, Information, Life, W.H. Freeman (2007/2013)

ECTS information:

credits: 5

Lecture Notes and problem sets:

(Username: biophys; password as given in lecture)

Seminar on the theory of soft matter,
seminar and working group for PhD and master students,
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Topics for a Master or a Bachelor thesis are available. If interested please contact me.

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