I have moved to Murdoch University in Perth. This website is no longer updated and represents the status of 2015.


I am a Privatdozent (the rough equivalent of a senior lecturer) at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität.

My research interests revolve around soft condensed matter systems with a complex spatial micro- or nanostructure, in particular their analysis through the 'goggles' of advanced geometry.

I am a principal investigator within the DFG research group Geometry and Physics of Spatial Random Systems, am a member of the Cluster of Excellence Engineering of Advanced Materials, and am a visiting fellow of the Department of Applied Maths at the Australian National University.

Current events and news

Focus Session APS March Meeting 2015: Beyond the Gyroid - complex network phases in softmatter : Our proposal to organise a focus session on softmatter phases with complex network-like topologies has been accepted by the American Physical Society. The meeting will take place in San Antonio, Texas, from 2-6 March 2015. Click here for more information and here for submitting abstracts and the meeting web site.

In a material world : The Bulletin of the German mathematical association 'Mitteilungen der DMV' has published an overview piece 'In a material world: Hyperbolische Geometrie in biologischen Materialien' by Myfanwy Evans and myself, describing the role of negatively curved interfaces, three-periodic nets and weavings, and more complicated entangled structures. Click here for the German version. We're currently looking for an outlet for the English version of the article, drop us an email for the English draft.

Jam-Packed: Conference on Jamming and Packing Particulate Materials : Thanks to all participants and presenters for coming to Erlangen for this year's "Jam Packed" conference. Stay tuned on the conference website for photos of the conference and for an announcement of the next location.

Seminar course WS13/14 on "Optimal Shapes and Complex Structure in Soft Matter Physics" : We will explore the formation of complex structure in soft matter systems, relevant to both synthetic and biological systems, in response to minimisation of relatively simple energy functionals that are often very geometric in their nature. More information here

Miniature Chiral beam splitter replicates butterfly Gyroid" : Our work on nanofabrication of a prism-shaped photonic crystal devices able to separate left- and right-circularly polarised light is now published (click on image). It replicates the same single Gyroid pattern found in the wing-scales of some green butterflies.

Interface Focus issue "Geometry of Interfaces" : The Interface Focus issue dedicated to the themes of the 2011 conference "Geometry of Interfaces" in Primosten/Croatia was published in October 2012, see here. Thank you to all contributors!

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